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DBA Video Game Attractions
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Drive Traffic To Your Trade Show Exhibit With Video Game Attractions

Video game attractions are one of the most powerful people magnets on the trade show floor! These video game attractions serve as a powerful icebreaker and dramatically raise the excitement levels around your trade show booth.  




Arm Champ Wrestling Game


Alpine Racer

Drive crowds to your trade show booth
Create a fun and relaxing environment that fosters communication

Collect contact info by offering prizes to the high scoring winners of the day

Initiate head to head challenges against trade show attendees and industry gurus

In a trade show environment, not only is it important to drive traffic to your trade show booth, but also critical to engage in conversations with potential customers and strategic partners. The relaxed environment created with video game attractions puts visitors at ease, establishes a common ground of interest, and stimulates conversation.

While trade show attendees are waiting their turn to try their hand at the video game attraction, your sales staff and trade show greeters can strike up conversations with prospects.


A certain percentage of the relationships formed at trade show events become long-term business contacts, referral sources, and clients – but only if those relationships are established.

Video game attractions serve the two most critical functions of any trade show attraction – driving visitors to your booth, and keeping them there long enough to establish meaningful conversation.

Bring the level of engagement to new heights by advertising a video game contest. Have two ‘gurus’ in your industry go head to head, or offer a big prize to the day’s highest scoring winner.

Once the scores are tallied, you can then contact the winner to let them know they’ve won the grand prize. Offering additional prizes to runners up affords you a prime opportunity to follow up with more trade show attendees after the show. This ‘high score challenge’ is a smart way to collect contact information from your trade show booth visitors.

Classic video game attractions like the 1980’s PacMan arcade game replica evoke nostalgia and irresistible curiosity. High tech video game attractions like virtual reality games create excitement and interest in the unique experience.

With decades of experience in the trade show marketing industry, we know first-hand what makes a tradeshow booth magnetic and lively. Video game attractions and other high energy trade show attractions like the Money Machine that draw crowds in which your sales staff can mingle yield the most effective results during and after the trade show event.

Chat Live with one of our trade show marketing experts to learn more about using video game attractions at your next event.

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DBA Video-Game-Attractions

Toll Free: (800) 573-3111
24/7 Support: (800) 361-7686
Outside USA: (386) 585-9600
Our Larger Locations And
Phone Numbers Below
California, Los Angeles (213) 426-8500
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Texas, Dallas (214) 628-0000
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FAX: (386) 597-0050
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